Glenn Wilkinson


Glenn is a world renowned security expert with more than a decade of professional experience. He has worked as an ethical hacker for organisations ranging in size from startups to multinational conglomerates and governments. As a Rhodes Scholar he holds two Masters degrees from the University of Oxford. He runs his own cyber security consultancy, and build various security products.

Glenn is available for speaking engagements at corporate events, conferences, after dinner talks, and for TV / news productions.

Popular Talks

Hacking a Billion Dollar Bank

New and most popular

The audience is led through the life of an underground hacker, Jane, as she compromises a large bank. The presentation demonstrates how a hacker profiles a company, finds its weak spots, breaks in, and ultimately steals sensitive information. Includes a live demonstration with a volunteer from the audience.

Wargames: Catching Hackers through the Ages


Ever since the first miscreants bypassed software copy protection on Atari 800s and Apple II there has been an arms race back and forth between attackers and defenders; with defenders constantly raising the bar, and attackers jumping over, walking around, or simply removing the bar. Wtih the advent of the Internet this arms race only intensified- with data leaks and compromises a commonplace headline in today's world. This talk will lift the veil behind significant hacking events through the decades, and specifically look at ingenious ways that defenders have either caught, trapped, or warded off hackers.

How Hackers Think

suitable for all technical levels

Lifting the veil behind significant hacking events through the decades, we will learn how to defend ourselves and our businesses against hackers.

Smart Cities or Hacker Playgrounds?

Suitable for all audiences

As everything in the urban environment becomes more connected, are we opening the door to bigger security threats? Smart cities could be the biggest threat to digital security yet.


It's all about you

Before the talk the organization and/or audience members are profiled using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques. This is the first step a hacker often takes, to better understand their target's habits and weaknesses.

The future of conflict: Nation State Hacking

A favourite for policy makers and governments

This presentation takes a slightly more serious look at the current landscape of how modern nations engage with each other in the online world.

Sample Media

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Hacking Smart Cities

Interview after WorkTech Smart Cities event

WorkTech, London

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HH Talks

Internal corporate presentation, discussing how hackers may break into your company.

HH, London

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Aerial Hacking & Surveillance

A talk on incorporating drones and hacking / surveillance.

DefCon, Las Vegas

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The personal data for sale on your old phone

A TV report showing how all the data of a previous phone owner can be recovered.

Channel 4, UK

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All The Ways to Hack Your Phone

Demonstration of how to couple drones with wireless hacking techniques to pilfer data from people's phones.

Motherboard, one million views

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Facebook, Google & You: What They Know

An ITV show demonstrating how much information people give away on Facebook, what it tells us about them, and how advertisers can leverage this data.

ITV News


"Glenn's presentation at our event was phenomenal. His engaging presentation style kept our attendees on the edge of their seats. He'd be welcome back at any future events."

Colin Field, Diligent World

"We had the pleasure of hearing from Glenn at our annual conference. He really engaged with the audience and got them thinking about the daily threats to their business.”

April Bingham, Bellwether Green

"I had the pleasure to be invited to an event with Glenn as the main speaker. Not only did I spend the whole hour enthralled, he kept me, and the whole room, engaged with interactive content and a good measure of humour, on a topic which when you delve into it, is more than a little scary!"

Deboragh Pirie, Business Cost Consultants

"Glenn gave an engaging, compelling presentation on the world of ethical hacking. We were all amazed and shocked about how much our phones are telling the world without our prior knowledge! Would highly recommend."

Lucy McLaren, Household Design


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Bespoke talks as well as training are available upon request.